Nameless Reveals Why Wahu Can’t Give Him Peace at Home


Legendary musician David Mathenge, better known an Namless, recently revealed that his wife Wahu Kagwi has been very stubborn in the last few days.

In an Instagram post, the Salary hitmaker jokingly stated that the mother of his two daughters had become very tough headed after crossing the 1 million followers mark on Instagram.

Nameless and Wahu pose for a photo with their children.

Nameless revealed that he went through a similar experience a few years back when Wahu won a MTV Africa Music Award (MAMA) before him.

He then appealed to his fans to help him get to a million followers so that he and his wife can be at par and end the humiliation that she’s putting him through.

“Wahu Kagwi amekuwa sumbua sana kwa nyumba, kichwa imefura na hakukaliki kwa boma. Hamwezi niwacha nisumbuke hiyo tu ebu nifikisheni mita bana.

“This reminds me of when she won a MAMA award before me. Niliteseka for one whole year kwa nyumba for a whole year lakini mlicome through nikamnyorosha na two awards the following year, akarudi laini,” he wrote.

In a rejoinder, Wahu told her husband that she was gaining more followers and would soon widen the gap with Nameless who currently enjoys a following of slightly above 975,000 fans.

Nameless and Wahu pose for a photo with their children.


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