I Don’t Mind If My Children Listen to Gengetone – Jua Cali


Veteran musician Paul Julius Nunda, popularly known as Jua Cali, recently revealed that he would not be bothered if he found any of his children listening to Gengetone music.

Speaking during an interview on Milele FM, the Bidii Yangu hitmaker explained that the language that are used in the songs are too complex for a young person to understand.

As such, he does not mind if they listen to Gengetone music which is often associated with raunchiness and vulgarity.

Jua Cali performing at a past event.

Jua Cali also told off people who have been criticizing Gengetone artists for lacking content saying their music will mature as they grow older.

“You have to understand that most of these artists are just 18 years old. Like Kartelo here, I’m sure he had not been born in 2001. So don’t expect them to sing about NHIF or inflation because they still stay with their parents.

“The progression has to be natural like it was the case with us. Watch the video below courtesy of Milele FM. The older they get is the more things change. A good example is Sailors Gang,” he explained.

Jua Cali concluded by stating that he was happy to see Genge music evolving and he can’t turn around and criticize Gengetone artists yet he pioneered the sound.


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