Ex-Tahidi High Star Involved in Horrific Road Crash


Renowned actress Mercy Njoki Muriithi, who played the role of Shammy in Tahidi High, is lucky to be alive after surviving a grisly road accident on Wednesday, January 29.

Taking to Instagram, the mother of two revealed that he was riding in a Uber when another vehicle rammed into them.

Although the crash was horrific, Mercy lived to see another day as she got away unscathed. It was not immediately clear whether the driver sustained any injuries.

Mercy Njoki

Further, the thespian revealed that she had been involved in another accident the previous week while she was heading to work. Luckily, she was not hurt.

Mercy stated that the outcome could have been bad, adding that she was learning to appreciate life and those around her.

Notably, this was not her first brush with death. In previous interview, Mercy revealed that she was suicidal due to her toxic relationship with gospel singer Hey Z.

I came from a very toxic relationship and it lasted for almost 7 years and I kept thinking that things would change. That it will get better. We have a child.

“So, I kept going back and it just got worse and when I say worse I mean it was really really bad to a point that I got suicidal,” she explained.

Mercy Njoki


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