Zari’s Mum To Be Flown Out Of The Country For Better Treatment?


It is a tough time for Zari and her family as her mum who had been discharged from hospital and was recuperating at home gets readmitted.

It has been reported that socialite Zari Hassan and doctors are in a state of confusion. They are in a closed meeting on whether Zari Hassan’s mother should be flown out of the country for better treatment as her health keeps worsening. She is reportedly in the ICU at Nakasero Hospital.

So far it is only Zari and her sisters that are allowed to access the patient. It is said that if the situation doesn’t improve, the family will decide if they can fly her out for better treatment.

Last Friday, Zari and her sisters rushed back to Uganda from SA and London on hearing the news of their mum’s health was worsening.

We wish her quick recovery.

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