You Won’t Believe How Papa Shirandula’s Actress Mama Nyaguthii Looks Like in Real Life


Mary Airo plays the role of Mama Nyaguthii on the popular sitcom Papa Shirandula which airs every Thursday on Citizen TV. Mama Nyaguthii is that annoying neighbor that loves gossip and will be seen in your house every other day.

Mary plays her character too well one would barely recognize her in real life. Mama Nyaguthii is usually dressed in her usual oversize dress and head scarf and walks while limping, meet her in the real world  and you will not believe it.

We recently came across her pictures when Jacky Vike AKA Awinja posted her as her WCW on Instagram captioning it “My WCW is none other than this iron lady Mama Nyaguthii on Papa Shirandula. She is  a no-nonsense! tells it like it is, she won’t  lie to please you.”

She really does get into character don’t you think? Also, isn’t she a stunner?

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