‘’Yesu Nipe Nyonyo’’ Singer Accuses NTV’s Dr. King’ori Of ‘Setting Him Up’


Controversial gospel singer SBJ was you musician before the release of his song ‘Yesu Nipe Nyonyo’. However, the singer became an instant hit, not to mention an overnight online sensation immediately after releasing the video to his controversial song, ’Yesu Nipe Nyonyo’ which was thoroughly criticized by Kenyans both on social and mainstream media.

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However, SBJ recently came out to defend his song and named the person responsible for his online trolls and quandaries. In a candid interview with a local entertainment magazine, SBJ said there was absolutely nothing wrong with his song and went ahead to accuse NTV Wicked Edition’s host Dr .Kingori of his quagmire, claiming the comedian was the one who initially played the song on his show, opening up room for a great deal of hullabaloo.

‘’I released Nyonyo in November 2013.I have never pushed it, just uploaded on YouTube and that was that. But it was after Dr. Kingori played it on his comedy show on a local TV station that the hullabaloo started .I am still surprised  by the response though.’’ He said.

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