Businesslady Anerlisa Muigai was rumored to be lesbian after she broke up with her boyfriend Don. Arnelisa was said to be sleeping with a woman named Natasha Johnson.

Anerlisa officially introduced Don as her boyfriend in December 2017 . Six months into their relationship disaster struck,  she deleted all photos of Don she had posted from her Instagram account.

Rumor had it that Don dumped Anerlisa after he discovered that she was cheating on him with another lesbian woman Natasha Johnson.


Natasha Johnson

This comes after Arnelisa and Natasha a while back shared romantic words on instagram fuelling speculations that indeed they were dating.

Evidence that Arnelisa and Natasha were dating
Romantic words between Natasha Johnson and Arnelisa Muigai

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It seems Natasha Johnson and Arnelisa broke up.During a question and answer question on Instagram Natasha stated that she is married with two kids.

When asked if she has ever kissed Arnelisa, Natasha went on stating that she has kissed Arnelisa in her dreams.

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