Wyre Celebrates 20 Years In The Music Business With A Lovely Remix


Two decades in the industry. That’s what singer Wyre’s resume currently reads.

The singer has clocked 20 years this year and while celebrating, he launched his song with Suzanne Gachukia called Kondo Gakwa. The song was first released in the late 90s and was later remixed by K-south.

Talking about the recording session with Danish producer Klaus Seest, Wyre says:

“I grew up listening to Suzanne’s music. She was an early inspiration to me and many others in the music industry – that’s why I was excited to collaborate on this latest remix of KONDO GAKWA. Gachukia and her band Zannaziki originally released KONDO GAKWA on their Tamu Tamu album in 1998, which became a big hit and featured a remix bonus track from then fresh hip hop artistes – K South.”

“When I got into the studio, I loved the whole vibe that (producer) Seest had brought to the track – he’d kept the original sound and the same melodies, so my challenge was to bring the new school vibe and that was the Dancehall vibe that I did on it!”

Watch the video below:

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