Phenny Awiti who won the competition Photo/Ghafla

Wonders ensured on Facebook after a man by the name Zack Opondo offered Facebook slayqueens some crazy offer.

Zack made a buzz while trying to create cancer awareness.As a way of advocating for cancer awareness Zack promised to pay Ksh 20,000 for a lady who will get the most likes after posting their nyonyos.

Zack’s post

Phenny Awiti an HIV Activist posted her photo.As soon as she posted her photo likes started pouring as men judged the ladies posting what their mama gave them.Photos and likes started pouring after Phenny Awiti, an HIV Activist whose photo took the lead.

Phenny Awiti who won the competition Photo/Ghafla

In the tally Phenny Awiti the HIV Activist came in the first place followed by Judy Oginga and a lady by the name Nyar Adongo.Though the posts were captioned in luo, Kenyan men were there to judge the ladies from the photos.Zack stated that push back bras were not allowed in the competition.

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Phenny won the competition but many online users claimed it was rigged claiming that her Mt.Kenya were not that distracting.

Here are the contestants

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