Willy Paul Sparks Controversy With Photos of His “Prayer Partner”


The internet has been going crazy the past few days thanks to Willy Paul and Bahati. We all know these two boys love some attention and what beeter way to get it than to engage in some ‘ratchet’ stuff.

Days after Bahati introduced his ‘prayer partner’ Diana Marua who we obviously know is his girlfriend Willy Paul decided to follow in his footsteps and post pictures of himself and a beautiful light skin lady.

He hasn’t said much about who the lady is or if she is his girlfriend but a wild guess is they must be an item. Kenyans have even already started a new hashtag tag your prayer partner which is all kinds of hilarious.

So, Willy Pozzee who is the new lady? just a friend or one of your prayer partners? Also, what happened to his Ethiopian beau?They were engaged right?


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