Willy Paul Gushes Out To His Mother Days After He Was Trolled For ‘Cheap’ Bragging

Willy Paul

Willy Paul saw dust last week as his fans and foes went ham on him for bragging about buying his mum a phone. Many thought it was unnecessary for him to announce to the world considering it was just a phone.

That did not give him sleepless nights, in fact, Willy Paul laughed it all up and even when a step further to share the hilarious photos Kenyans shared from the #Willypaulsamsungchallenge which was as a result of his bragging post.

Days later, Willy Paul decided to celebrate his mum by gushing out at her in an emotional message on his social media.

“My one and only mother.. I love you so much.. my Salome.. my real heartbeat.. you give me a reason to live.. I work hard because I want to give you the best.. I want you to know that i love you so so so much my Salome. Come rain, Come sun, me and you will never be separated. If it’s a girl that’s gonna make me loose you, then akwende. If it’s money pia iende. If it’s friends pia waende.. I’ll forever be ur son.. I love you.

Now relaxing after texting my Salome this message”  he said in his post.

Notice how he signed off with a sarcastic remark though!

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