Willy Paul Exposes Rogue Event Organizers Who Paid Him With Bouncing Cheques


Controversial gospel singer Willy Paul has come out guns blazing, demanding his hard earned money from organizers of the just concluded People of The Nile Festival. Apparently, the ‘Tiga Wana’ singer who was one of the headlining acts in the concert held in Kisumu, was paid with two bouncing cheques, something that has really infuriated him.

Willy Paul took to his social media accounts to expose the event organizers, threatening them with dire consequences if he is not paid his dues in 24 hours. The singer claimed that the organizers also did the same with other artists who took part in the event.

‘’Warning to the event organizers of PEOPLE OF THE NILE FESTIVAL that took place recently in KISUMU, if you do not pay me my money today things will get UGLY ,you gave me two bouncing cheques and you knew about it n now you not picking up my calls. You did this to other artists as well.’’ Willy Paul posted.

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