Willy Paul Exposes Impostor who Has Been Conning People Using His Name

Willy Paul

Social media has grown immensely over the years, so have the ‘social evils’ that range from bullying, to impersonations.

Willy Paul has been a victim of this. An act that has been tainting his image and brand all together all the way. Apparently the impostor parading as Willy Paul has been asking for money from fans. And has literally conned people close Kshs. 400,000 just through lying that he is Willy Paul.

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Recently, the gospel hit maker took to social media to expose the phone number that has been conning people using his name.

He said, “Attention, this is an invention.. every thief we will put to detention. The number under that picture has been conning people pretending to be me.. be aware don’t send money to anyone claiming to be me.. information reaching my management is that the number has received close to 400,000 shillings… Don’t send anyone money contact me via willy@willypaulmsafi.com or info@willypaulmsafi@gmail.com for clarification.”

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