Dance hall singer Redsan has never posted his wife and kids on social media and is not planning to start anytime soon.

The singer, who is releasing a fifth album “The Baddest” this coming Saturday September 15th, said that the reason why he always holds back is because he wants to protect them.

“I am married but you’ll never see my family, not even on social media. I’m very private when it comes to them because there are times they would want to be themselves and they can’t do that with me in public. I love spending time with them at home since I tour a lot, and they keep me grounded. I don’t want them to be victims of cyber-attacks from haters who can’t get to me,” said Redsan.

Redsan, who has three kids, a son and two daughters, when on to share that he’s expecting his fourth child soon. He added that despite what many say or rumours claim, he’s wife is very much Kenyan.

“My wife is Kenyan and very beautiful. We have three kids; a son and two daughters. We are also expecting another child. We will know his or her sex after birth because we love the surprise.”

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