Why Kanze Dena is angry at Vera Sidika and Huddah


Citizen News Swahili anchor Kanze Dena has attacked Kenyan socialites because of how they dress.

According to the anchor, the ladies are showing too much flesh.

He said that Africans were first forced by their slave masters to stay naked, a thing that some ladies practice now without understanding how it came about.

In a long post, the sassy news anchor warned the ladies to stop.

I keep trying to tell black women that the reason they feel compelled to walk around half naked.

Showing their bodies and see nothing wrong with it is because it was beaten and forced upon them during slavery. You are doing EXACTLY what your slave masters FORCED you to do all those many years ago! Before we were put on those slave ships, we never expose our bodies.

The slave masters use this as a tactic to shame us, to break us, to get us to submit. With shackles on our feet and whips on our backs, we had no choice. Now we walk around half-naked because we are BROKEN and we have NO shame.

“We have forgotten that we were LADIES and NOT thots and bad b££$hes. We have forgotten that our bodies were meant only for our husbands and not for strange men to lust, use and abuse……Remember YOUR history and COVER YOURSELVES!!

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