Why Jose Chameleone Was Forced To Cancel His Concert Last Minute


Just like any business, Show business, rather Showbiz is a very tricky venture. Most artists, including Uganda’s legendary musician Jose Chameleone have more than once suffered losses thanks to cancellation of their shows and concerts on the eleventh hour. ’Valu Valu’ hitmaker Jose Chameleone was recently forced to postpone his much awaited ‘Sweet Banana’ album launch set for 17th March 2017 following a research carried out by the concert service providers.

According to sources close to Jose Chameleone, the star was advised by his service provider, Balaam Events to postpone the album launch after carrying out research on the current status of Kampala’s party animals. The concert which was set to go down at the Lugogo Cricket Oval had to be pushed forward to a later date because of fear that the event would flop.

This is not the first time Jose Chameleone is suffering such quandary. It should be remembered that he called off a concert last year over raging hatred and threats from the public for his participation in the Tubonga Nawe campaign song which hailed the incumbent president Yoweri Museveni.

Well, if you thought Kenyans are the only people who suffer from the January financial crunch, think again.

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