Who’s Copying Who? Uproar As Diamond & Zari’s Ex Husband Buy The Same Car


The internet went crazy a few days ago when Tanzania’s star Diamond Platnumz shared a photo of a H2 Hummer which goes for a whopping 50,000 USD that he had acquired in South Africa as an errand car for when he is there.

Diamond’s new machine

As if to silence him, Zari’s ex husband and father to her three elder sons Ivan ssemwanga, who calls himself the don or ‘rich gang president’ shared a photo posing next to his hummer and massive mansion.

The Don posing next to his car and huge mansion

This did not go well with Diamond’s fans who thought the photo was shared in bad faith. The Don’s fans however came out raining praises on him and rubbishing those bad mouthing him.

It is believed that Ivan acquired his hummer back in 2008 and whether or not the photo was shared to silence his ex wife’s current husband (which by the way wouldn’t come as a shocker), only he can tell us!

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