Where is Our Gospel Music Headed?


I am an old-school kind of a guy. I was raised in the ages where each home had a Munishi tape and we had hymn books, bibles and we all went to church – in fact, it was one of the best days because we got to wear shoes.

All our parents/guardians were born again at a point and we were supposed to follow in their footsteps. I was often asked to sing in front of the church, one time I did it in front of former president Moi at the AIC Bondeni Church in Nakuru. Gospel music was respected. Rev. Titus Masika (Mercy Masika’s dad) would be a frequent guest on the “Joy Bringers Family” TV show on the then V.O.K. (Current KBC TV) and we all had the patience to watch it before the “Dracula” show came on.

We had books where we wrote songs down, some of us did gospel and indeed, if you looked at the lyrics, they were substance. They were at least 3 verses of well written lyrics and with a strong message. The Kassangas and Mary Otieno were celebrities. There were people we would have died to meet, like Mary Wambui (Ahadi ya Bwana) and others who’s music was always in our ears. Gospel music was indeed another channel to preach, praise God and give thanks.

But then, those “boring” days are gone. We have beef in Gospel. We have Willy Poze and Yesu-re kind of lyrics. We have gospel artists asking you to “Tiga wana” and “Hello” gospel remixes that should be titled “HELL-oh”. We have so called gospel artists and DJs who seem to forget that it is about the gospel, about praise and about building people, instead, its a feel good industry. It is all about money. We have GOSPEL DJs asking for sexual favors so they can play new artists’ music on their glorified TV shows (Yes, I can name them).

Gospel music rocks scandals better than Olivia Pope. I have listened to music from King Kaka, Yemi Alade, Nyash and other secular artists that has substance and quality lyrics that all our “New age gospel artists combined”.

This is not to say that each gospel artist from the modern age has got it wrong, we have artists doing great things and I would actually like to mention Mbuvi, Mercy Masika among others who keep it real and do not go flashy just for the fame and money.

There is need for a change, there is need for a revolution in the gospel music industry or else, we shall continue being used by the devil to mislead our youth. Change, change, change – NOW!

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