What Men Want (Or Need) To Hear


Kenya is a vast country, with a population of roughly 40 million people. Of this population are men of all shapes and sizes, okay that didn’t sound too good. Let’s just say we have men of all walks among the 40 million people. From way back, men have been known to be beings that like to hold dominion, after all God gave the first man, Adam, dominion over everything during creation.
Now time has passed and a lot has seemingly changed from those days of the Garden of Eden.

Dominion is no longer a question for just men anymore with the current push for equality and laxity on the part of some men. See now, this is where we neglect the rule and order of things though not always intentionally. However, as much as we may want to turn a blind eye, there are things that just can’t change. Like the needs of a man.

Man has been structured with the unbound need to feel recognized. This is by all means not bad, but it takes me back to the women in most men’s lives. I believe the most important thing a woman should let the man in her life know is that she is proud of him. This for a man does more than those magic words ‘I LOVE YOU’. Ladies should in that case consider being the sole cheerleaders and motivate men to soldier on. While they may have the muscles of Superman and Hercules, it does more for them to hear that we hold them in high opinion.

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