Kenyan socialite and business lady Vera Sidika was over the moon after she received what she termed as goodnews of her ex who had been arrested in the UAE.

Taking to her instastory she said, “Someone called me yesterday to tell me that an ex that once wronged me got arrested last week. So karma does exits, what goes around definitely comes back around,”

However, as much as she seemed excited she was abit sorry for the guy in question,adding, “Spending nights in jail in UAE ain’t cute though. I can only imagine, may God be with him.”

Though she didn’t specify who her ex was, many suspected it was her Dubai-based ex Yommy Johnson who did her dirty last year after releasing her topless photo.

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Vera aborted my baby – Otile Brown

In addition, he said that Vera had aborted his kid and he had even caught her cheating with a Kenyan politician, he also disclosed that Vera was still sleeping around even after they became exclusive. Aside from all this, Vera claimed that he beat her up countless times so that is why she was afraid he would harm her.

Vera Sidika and Ex lover Yommy

“It’s sad to think at such a young age I might wanna write my will, seen many stories on how exes kill and burn gals down to ashes. If this happens to me, you know who my killer is,” read a worrying message on Vera Sidika’s timeline.

Check out the screenshot below;


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