Actor Wema Sepetu and Patrick in bed

Tanzania’s socialite Wema Sepetu has had a rough couples of days after she filmed a video of her and her new lover Patrick kissing.

The foolish move Wema Sepetu took landed her into a big trouble since she was banned from acting.She was also banned from the actor’s association.

The man Wema introduced as her future husband is actually a ‘kirimino’.Patrick apparently went into hiding after it was revealed that he has been conning people.

Tanzania’s actor Wema Sepetu

Rumors had it that he had to fled to Kenya where he is seen enjoying life with another woman older than him.In a video seen by niaje Patrick is seen kissing unidentified woman severally.

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They seem to be enjoying and the woman is also heard saying that Patrick is hers and hers alone.

Check out the video below;

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