Feninazi will be on this one like moths to light. That there’s a woman out here who doesn’t mind a man physically disciplining her is beyond comprehension for most.

But for Wema Sepetu, it’s not and she actually wants her hubby to smack her around occasionally. Speaking to a magazine, she expressed how it wouldn’t make sense to Live with a man who doesn’t punish her.

Napenda mwanaume anipe kipigo kidogo siyo mwanaume mnaishi miaka yote, halafu hata kukupiga kofi kidogo hakupigi,”

(I like a man who beats me up occasionally, not one I’d to spend several years with without hitting me, even just a slap) Wema said.

It’s emerging that among the Soninke tribe, a man’s affection is demonstrated by his frequency in punishment by beating. Some women went as far as comparing themselves to animals which had to be punished.

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