Actress Wema Sepetu has come out to share why she’s unable to get pregnant and always suffers from miscarriages. In 2016, the actress was expecting twins by Idris Sultan but unfortunately lost them after a miscarriage.

Wema has come out to state that her controversial trip to India a few months ago, that many speculated was about liposuction, was actually about a life-saving surgery aimed at correcting her Uterus.

She is suffering from Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD), a hormonal disorder which makes ovaries to enlarge causing multiple small cysts that prevent the ovaries from fertilizing.

“Let me be open today so that people can know this, I am suffering from a disease which causes my eggs (ovaries) to rapture and thus cannot be fertilized,” said Wema during an interview with Risasi Mchanganyiko.

Indian doctors told her the condition can lead to cancer if not monitored.

“Am so grateful, my situation was critical because when doctors in India carried out tests on me they said if I had delayed to treat this disease it would have turned into cancer and would be hard to treat,” said Wema.


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