Watch: This is by Far Kenya’s Best Music Video, Yet!


Editor’s Note: This is a personal review of this video. It does not mean that other music videos are in any way inferior, just a thought that this is probably the best music video ever make in Kenya.

A few years ago, we got introduced to this teenager rapper who not many people understood what she was up to. One thing was sure though, Wangechi, introduced to the world by producer Kevin Provoke, was not your common teenager, not even your common Kenyan musician. She had some vibe in her that kept her rhymes in your mind. She looked young and lost – lost in a creative world that only a few would get. She was persistent. She was in touch with what’s happening. Wangechi kept playing back in our minds and we all at a point though this beautiful teenager is going somewhere.

Wangechi’s persistence and hard work has eventually got a great rubber stump of success, with her new song being the main driver behind Tusker’s big budget TVC which uses some of the scene’s in Wangechi’s new video and her hook from the song “Here is to us”. Wangechi was chosen to co-write and perform this song as part of the Tusker campaign.

The video, which to me is the best music video ever made in Kenya takes a journey through different cultures across the country while keeping to the theme of the song, unity. It goes far to show how much we all share in a cross-culture environment and at a time when we are politically divided, we all need more Wangechis.

Here is the video, you can leave your views below.

While it is a big budget music video, it has clearly outweighed any “multi-million” music videos done by other Kenyan artists and surely sets the benchmark extremely high for anyone else trying to do something similar.

Wangechi was also featured in Coke Studio. This is a 10/10 video. Great work.

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