Video: Zari Hassan Shows Off Her Crisp Swahili Speaking Skills Alongside Hubby, Diamond


It’s no secret that star power sells, which is why countless celebrities snag endorsement deals for everything from footwear to clothing. Sometimes these celebs make more money being a spokesperson than for their actual jobs! Talk about being paid for being rich and famous.

Self-proclaimed number one Bongo Flava artist, Diamond Platnumz who has been profiled as one of East Africa’s highest paid and finest artist, has accrued uncountable endorsement deals due to his fame.

Well, a family that hustles together stays together. Zari and her hubby Diamond were featured in an advertisement for Danube Homes, a home interior retail shop. In the advertisement, Zari responds to her hubby in Swahili.

In the past, Zari who was born in Uganda whose national language is English, has faced major criticism for her inability to speak Swahili fluently. Rome wasn’t built in a day. It seems with time and lots of practice, Zari has finally gotten a good grasp of Swahili. Take a look at the video below;

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