Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz has come out to speak about his lifestyle. The flamboyant musician said that he ain’t a spendthrift as many beleive.

The singer who had a show over the weekend in Thika, Kenya talked about his lifestyle with K24 reporters upon touching down at the JKIA. He stated that he is a simple man and he doesn’t waste or rather use money in irresponsible ways.

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“I am not a man of big things, just look at the sandals I came wearing (pointing at his feet). I don’t wear name brands like Gucci, I am very simple. I am just a good musician,” said Diamond.

Diamond is however, known for owning expensive stuff take for example houses, cars, chains just to mention a few. Two weeks ago while performing at the inaugral concert of the Wasafi Festival, Diamond’s chains were grabbed from his neck by a fan. Diamond later revealed that the chains costed him Ksh. 1.8 Million.

Check the interview below;

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