Video: Akothee’s Message To Baby Daddy


Several days ago, pictures of musician Akothee looking as if she had run amok emerged on social media. Many thought she had finally lost it, as she seemed to be crying, shoeless, dirty  in the streets, and many wondered if that truly was the last straw.

After the photos did rounds on social media, it turned out that she was shooting a video for her latest song Baby Daddy. Going by the comments of Kenyans the song is a hit, that touches on the lives many lasses are living.

Watch the video below and share your views on the comment section.

Here are comments praising Akothee for doing a good job.

#AkotheeBabyDaddy…The educative music to single mums

Rosa Parks Spirit…‏Wah! Good news it was just a song. I saw a video and though Akothee had gone mad. #AkotheeBabyDaddy

ItsMatere‏ @MatereDenis… Very educative song to all deadbeat father’s #AkotheeBabyDaddy

kayeli‏ @Kayelian1#AkotheeBabyDaddy…. the song talks about Baby Daddy issues that happens when men leave their wives for younger

Independent Mind‏ @Boncrazy1…Kidogo utaskia ghafla, 10 reasons why Akothee is a single mother.

ItsMatere‏ @MatereDenis…When Baby Daddy plays and he remembers he’s a member of deadbeat dads #AkotheeBabyDaddy

Denis Mwenda…Its good that akothee as something for men who abscond thea duties n live like kings while mothers to thea children suffer #AkotheeBabyDaddy

ADO VELI….they told you Akothee is crazy but they forgot to tell u,she has a passion for a strong society with women playing a role #AkotheeBabyDaddy

Delite Ngugi‏ @NgugiDelite …And to think the Kenyan bloggers thought she was crazy (bewitched )#AkotheeBabyDaddy

kayeli‏ @Kayelian1…. In this song Akothee talks about the challenges that women undergo to raise children alone #AkotheeBabyDaddy

obadiah ombaba obare‏ @obadiah2obare #AkotheeBabyDaddy….. the song is just off the hook….. I can relate that too….

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