Vicious Netizens Kill Yet Another Local Celebrity


Social Media has proved more than once that it can build and destroy anything in a matter of seconds. Numerous online campaigns have saved days in the lives of those in need, but the same people running the same campaigns have also played part in destroying the lives of fellow Kenyans. Willy M Tuva, Nonini, Mr.Nice,Fred Obachi Machoka, Koffi Olomide and a number of other celebrities can attest to this. The aforementioned individuals have suffered in the hands of vicious Kenyans on social media who at one point or another, ’killed’ them for no apparent reason.
Churchill Show’s comedian and Kaka Empire signed Owago Nyiro is the latest victim of a rapidly growing game, whereby gutter blogs ‘kill’ celebrities for nothing more than a few clicks and likes on their pieces. A Facebook post alleging that Owago Nyiro had passed on triggered mixed reactions on the platform, leaving thousands of his fans, friends and family members in utter disbelief.
The post which was shared to Group Kenya bore the tittle; ‘’SAD: Kenya Wakes Up To Shocking News,Churchill Show Comedian Is Dead’’.

Well, the truth is that Owago is still alive and kicking. The comedian even posted a photo on Instagram a few hours after the ‘sad’ news.

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