Vera Sidika during an interview with Shaffie Weru and Adelle on Kiss 100

Socialite-cum-singer Vera Sidika is not happy about an interview given to a Tanzanian site by a “close pal” of Otile Brown.

In the interview, the pal intimated that Otile and Vera could be pulling a stunt with their public breakup, claiming that this is to pave way for a major announcement soon.

The source claims that “Vera used the drama to released her single Nalia. Otile is the one who wrote the song for Vera,”

Well, Vera is not going to take these blatant fabrications lying down.

“Otile never even knew I was gonna do a song. If anything why would he write for me a song that is dissing him?” Vera asked.

Adding that

“I wrote the song. He had no clue I was doing a song in the first place.”

Socialite Vera Sidika

On the issue of signing up Calisah for the music video for Nalia, Vera said, Otile doesn’t know him.

“My management booked Calisah as a model for my music video since he’s a professional model. I had to fly him in from Tanzania. He doesn’t even know Calisah at all. Never met. Never talked. Knows nothing about him. Why would he claim he’s friends with him. He can’t just come out of nowhere and take credit for my work.”

On their breakup being a stunt, Vera clarified saying that;

“The break up is NOT a stunt. We are no longer together and I will never get back with him. I have already moved on as a mater of fact, I’m seeing someone else.”

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