Award winning Kenyan rapper Khaligraph Jones took to instagram to ask socialite Vemera Sidika for a 500k loan so that he can top to the amount he already has to buy a car.

The rapper was only poking fun at the bootyful socialite. He was mocking Vera over the 500k loan which was the reason why she broke up with Otile Brown.

Vera Sidika has since responded to Khaligraph’s request for the 500k loan. The socialite said that if the rapper doesn’t have ego like people from his tribe then she wouldn’t mind giving him the loan.

“If he (Khaligraph) doesn’t have the ego like most people from where he comes from, he can come for the money. Luos are different but if he wants the cash I will give it to him, because it’s not a big deal to me,” Vera Sidika said.

Khaligraph also responded to the request he made about asking Vera for a loan. He explained that it was only a joke meant to people laugh.

Award winning rapper Khaligraph Jones

“It was a joke and I wanted to make people laugh. I chose her (Vera) case with Otile Brown because it was a funny situation. From what I have been reading on blogs, because I have not been following up on their relationship, I found it funny. I have nothing to gain on beef,” said the OG.

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