Barely a month after singer Otile Brown apologised for fighting with her on social media, Vera decided to ‘return the favor’ by showing up with a new man. His name, Calisah.

Many know Calisah as Wema Sepetu’s ex so they were surprised to see the two at lunch together.

The model who is in Kenya for the Mr Africa competition scheduled for December 2 and the two decided to link up for lunch at Graze Steakhouse, Sankara.

A week after the dinner, Vera has shared a number of photos where she allegedly gifts the light-skin model with a brand new Mercedes Benz

“I always keep promises. Hope you love your new car @calisah.” Vera wrote.

The post was followed by mixed reactions from fans. Check out their reactions below

eve_ee_; Huyu kijana angeitwa camalisa. Atakumalisa in the name of kufeelisha otile. Smh

domi_obi; Nunulia kijana viatu kwanza, hii ni kuringia otile but deep inside you must be hurting girl!

__mikai_; Aiii madame kwani unabadilisha wanaume kama chupi lakini aiii hata mwezi haujaisha umeshamwendea Mr tanzania sijui mr Africa 😂😂😂😂 alafu kama sijakosea yeye na otile kidogo😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂unatuaibisha kama wanawake ungeeka hata breki kidogo mama

etolyto; Afro cinema continues…..hapa kunao kufeelishana mbayaaaa

mercy_mungai; Until I see the receipt to prove Ni yake.Am not boarding
_lucy_wachira; waah kweli yani umebuyia chali mwingine gari just to prove a point…..Waah 😂😂😂😂
kenmeaah_254; This showbiz is too much….of all cars you buy a benz….clapping back ain’t a solution… the truth is coming to light by iitself

aisha_w.y; Wewe kama hautachapa in a year cjui👎😁

emmahblessed; Wema pia alinunulia hii @calisah iPhone na wakaachana😂😂😂😂mganga wa Calisah afaa atunukiwe😎😎

Check out Calisah below;

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