About a week ago socialite Vera Sidika and Tahmeed buses manager Kiplangat Ngeno raised eyebrows after they were spotted together hanging out in Club Danka Mtwapa, Mombasa.

Kiplangat Ngeno was forced to come out clean about hanging out with Vera at club Danka after people started questioning whether he was Vera’s new catch.

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Ngeno revealed that he only bought Vera some drinks and had a lot of fun together. The Tahmeed manager however denied claims he was Vera’s new catch.

Vera Sidika and the manager at Club Danka Mombasa

Vera on her side says that the manager was just his fan and not a new lover. She also revealed that the manager begged her security to take pictures with the socialite.

Vera goes on to state that whoever she takes pictures with is a fan and not lover.

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