Vera Sidika Bashes Tanzanians For Attending A Beach Party In Suits And Jeans


Beach party,as the name suggests should be an event held at beach or near a beach.With that in mind, the dress code should complement the event.It is in beach parties where revelers let loose and turn up in beach wear including bikinis and boxers. However, there are people who do not observe the beach party mode of dressing, and these are people who Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika cannot tolerate.

The voluptuous socialite who was in Tanzania for the Wasafi Beach Party over the weekend has come out guns blazing and attacked Tanzanians who showed up for the beach party dressed in suits and jeans. Vera who hosted the beach party wore a sheer and revealing dress on her green bikini but most revelers had done suits and jeans.

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This did not settle down well with Vera who through snapchat, launched a scathing attack against Tanzanians who wore Jeans and suits to the Wasafi Beach Party.

‘’I wonder….was I the only one dressed for the occasion at Wasafi Beach Party…people dressed in suits ,club dresses ,denim jeans ,jackets. I’m lost. Whats the meaning of a beach party if you look the same way you would on a normal night club’’ Vera ranted.

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