Uhuru Drops Sh500 Million Into Jubilee Candidates’ Warchests


With just over one week to the August Elections, President Uhuru Kenyatta has dished out nearly Sh500 Million to Jubilee candidates in a bid to get the majority seats in the 12th Parliament.

With campaigns entering the homestretch and presidential candidates limbering up to the sprint, Uhuru has given each of the candidates from the ‘select’ regions massive financial boost.

Parliamentary candidates are getting Sh2 million, select governors and senate aspirants Sh5 million while MCAs were given sh500,000.

The Star has established that about 150 parliamentary candidates and some 200 Ward Representative candidates have received help.

Jubilee is fielding 42 governor aspirants, 261 parliamentary aspirants and 45 senators.

Those from Jubilee strongholds, who are riding on the party wave, were left out of the financial injection dished out last week. They are likely to win although some are also facing tough competition from independents who are supporting Uhuru’s reelection.

Details gleaned from interviews with multiple Jubilee aspirants confirmed that they have been given the money to strengthen their budgets.

Yesterday, Jubilee vice chairman David Murathe, an influential figure in Uhuru’s reelection campaigns, declined to confirm the amount but admitted that the party had given out ‘support’.

“We have our candidates’ support mechanism in which we are boosting out strong candidates in some regions,” Murathe told the Star.

“We are not doing that for every candidate, but for select ones whom we think have high chances of being elected in battle grounds and opposition strongholds,” he said.

The party has also given out other forms of support including branded banners, T-shirts, caps and scarfs to enhance the party’s presence at the grassroots.

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