Trey Songz Arrested After Destroying Things On Stage At A Detroit Show


American Rnb singer Trey Songz is one of the most calm and soft spoken American celebrities. The singer has not only wowed millions with his golden voice but also made countless ladies’ knees weak with the looks and charm he oozes. Barely months after visiting Kenya, Trey Songz has found himself in trouble with police after what he did on stage during a recent concert in Detroit.

Trey Songz had to cool his heels in a police cells on Wednesday night after he destroyed stuff on the stage during the fourth annual ‘Big Show at the Joe’ concert held at the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit. The singer reportedly became upset when the organizers told him they would cut him off for going over his allotted time on stage.

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Trey could not bottle up the threat. He started making jokes about it on stage but then things escalated as he went all-out rock star, destroying the stage while cameras rolled. Several videos which have already gone viral show the ‘Love Face’ singer throwing things on stage and destroying property including microphones.

His tantrum was cut short by police officers who arrested him for thrashing the stage. The singer was held at the Detroit Detention Center and charged with malicious destruction of property and obstructing arrest.

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