Throwback Photo of Nyota Ndogo When She Worked as a House Girl


You are never ugly just poor, this statement is true i all ways I can think of. Thursday is that day on social media christened Throwback Thursday where guys share photos of themselves they took way back. While some know no struggle and what it means to come from a poor background others know the story too well.

Mombasa based singer Nyota Ndogo has come from far and her life is just but an inspirational one. The songbird who never knew what being rich was has gone through it all including working a s a house girl to make ends meet. Just like Akothee, this woman has worked her way up the ladder to get too where she is now. Never at any point did she let her past define er future and for tht many young girls need to look up to her as a mentor.

Here is a photo of herself she shared when she worked as a domestic manager. Kweli Mungu halali!

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