Throwback Photo of Juliani and Brenda When They Started Dating


No one ever thought Brenda Wairimu would ever get a baby with gospel artists Juliani leave alone date him. Brenda is a calm collected lady while Juliani is a loud person, quite reserved and the news of their relationship shocked many.

Though the two are no longer an item they share roles when it comes to taking care of their little angel. Brenda continues to rock the TV screens while Juliani keeps mentoring the youth and giving electric performances while on stage.

Just the other day Juliani posted a throwback photo of them back when they had just started dating. He captioned it in a parable kind of a manner saying

“There is a drought and a lion manages to catch an antelope. The grip! 7 yrs ago.

The two have really come from far and we wish them all the best in all they do.


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