This VIDEO Of How Unga Ugali Prices Dropped Will Crack You Up


For a while now since the prices of maize flour went up, ugali, a rather staple food in many households has become a luxury. So it was a relief when the state intervened and brought the prices down. The news of price reduction were received yesterday with great joy.

Purchasing a 2kg bag of maize flour for just Kshs. 90 and 1kg bag for just Ksh. 47. As a result of the price drop, many memes have since been generated. This has become the trend and each eventuality is accompanied by a good number of memes.

Anyway, nothing I have seen on the internet beats this hilarious video of exactly how the prices have dropped before we wait for the prices to be effective as from next Wednesday. Enjoy

⬇⬇ lol #onlyinkenya #Karismeme

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