This Is Why You Will No Longer See Olive On The Mother In Law Show


Idah Alisha Upton is best known for her role as Olive Mwamba on Citizen TV’s drama, Mother In Law, where she plays a spoiled brat who always stirs up trouble in the Mwamba household and shosh’s favorite grandchild.

The lass who has been on the show for quite a while now is rumored to be leaving the show for further studies abroad.

This came to light after one of her best friends, Catherine Kamau (Celina), posted a photo caption on her Instagram account wishing Idah a safe journey and success in her studies abroad.

This is what she wrote:

Travel safe @idah_alisha love, my dearest, my partner in crime, my pain in the $$$@@@&&& , my booboo kitty , am in tears , I wish you well swity ,study hard ,make momma proud see you on that Hollywood red carpet . Now let me go cry a lot more.

Earlier on, Celina told her fans to watch her show, Sugar & Spice on Ebru TV to get the exclusive news.

Her departure from the show will be a big loss considering its barely two months since Celina left the show.

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