High court judge James Wakiaga described murder suspect Jowie as a male version of a slayqueen.

“… a male version of a slay queen, which for lack of a better word I’ll call a woman eater. He was living in the house of the second accused. driving the second accused’s car, with no known source of income since 2017 when he provided security for some Jubilee politicians,” the judge said while giving his rulling.

Judge James also noted that Jowie had no reaidence here in Kenya, since he was living in Dubai where he worked and lived from 2012 to 2017 when he jetted back to the country to provide security services for Jubilee party politicians.

The Judge took notice that Jacque Maribe was hosting Jowie in her house in Lang’ata area.

Joe Jowie proposing to Jacque Maribe

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