This Is The World’s Smallest Portable Flying Camera For Selfies


The selfie sticks craze is fast fading away thanks to the introduction of numerous sophisticated gadgets that can be used for the same. Selfie lovers will be marveled by an amazing ground breaking device that is able to take aerial photos directly from your phone. Inventors working round the clock came up with one of the best camera inventions dubbed AirSelfie which happens to be the world’s smallest portable flying camera.

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The small camera resembles a drone and has surpassed its funding goal by featuring on KickStarter. This mini drone is a revolutionary pocket-size flying camera that connects with your Smartphone to let you snap hundreds of HD photos of yourself, otherwise known as selfies.

It has very able turbo fan propellers that can take it up to 20 meters in the air, allowing you to take huge photos. It is 5 MP camera that boasts of an anti vibration shock absorber which ensures that you capture the highest quality images. It weighs 52g which makes it ultra light. However, note that the AirSelfie camera can only fly 3 minutes at a time.

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Image result for airselfie

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