“They Made Fun Of Me” Hot Teen Republik’s Tracy Wanjiru Claps Back At Haters


We all have to start from somewhere in order to achieve our goals. Most of the time that somewhere is usually the bottom.

Teen Republik host, Tracy Wanjiru we all agree is one of the hottest presenters in the industry. The lass is not only immensely gorgeous but also talented.

Recently Tracy took to social media to celebrate how far she has come highlighting that she was once bullied and made fun of because of her ‘weird’ accent.

“On Saturday I was on stage with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. Here I was hearing people scream my name! I remember back then when people made fun of me because I had a weird accent, some even saying I was too ‘ghetto’ and being bullied in high school. But here I was. Don’t ever let anyone put you down because of where you have come from or because you are different. God has big plans for us. Believe in your dream, believe in yourself!”

She then went ahead to thank BBQ Live organizers for giving her the opportunity to spread her wings since she featured as an MC for the event.

“Thank you #BBQLiveKe2017 for making this happen for me. A big thank you to all who came through making it such a huge success. It’s just the beginning ?”

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