‘’There Is No Beef At WCB’’ Harmonize


Diamond Platnumz’s label WCB is at it again. This time ,to address a very serious issue that has been lingering on people’s minds. Rumor mills have been rife with news of bad blood between artists signed under the label. According to a number of people, Raymond, Harmonize and Rich Mavoko have been beefing with each other internally. It is rumored that each one of them normally gets blue with envy whenever a stable-mate achieves a great milestone, e.g. a collabo with a big musician, new releases and basically anything that would make anyone jealous.

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However, Harmonize has come out to trash the claims, saying that there is no beef at WCB and that they are all happy with each other’s successes. Speaking in an interview with EATV’s Friday Night Live,the ‘Matatizo’ singer said that they do not compete against each other, neither do they get agitated by their fellow artists’ successes ,since one’s success is success to the entire WCB.


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