Tedd Josiah Responds To Con Allegations


On Monday, Mombasa’s up and coming rapper Ohms Law Montana shocked Kenyans on social media with con accusations leveled against decorated music producer Tedd Josiah. Montana ,in a series of Facebook posts accused Tedd Josiah of conning him a whooping Ksh 50,000,money which was supposed to be payment for the rapper’s music video. His claims were corroborated by screenshots which showed the whole M-Pesa transactions.

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The money was sent to Tedd in February early this year but nothing had been done as at December. According to Montana, Tedd has been dodging him for more than 6 months and was left with no option but to expose him on social media. Fans ,showbiz stakeholders and other Kenyans on social media rallied behind Montana as they called out Tedd Josiah for what he did to the lad.

Well, Tedd got wind of it and decided to ‘dignify’ Montana’s accusations with a well calculated response. In a long Facebook post yesterday, Tedd claimed that he is a Lion who will never be brought down by a pack of hyenas.


Ever seen a lion get eaten up by a pack of hyenas?
The lion must be weak and injured

In this life we live there are two kinds of people.
The lion & the hyena.
Look all around you and you will see some people expand their territories through hard work passion guts and toil.
While others expand their territories through scavenger tactics.

If you ever find yourself broke know this you are broken and at a weak point the scavengers will come for you and so will the other Lions.

So work hard, save A LOT & expand your territory in 2017!!!!!!!!!!!

PS/ i honestly wish i knew this when i was much younger.

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