Take A Look At Mike Sonko’s K.C.S.E Certificate That’s Causing Social Media Frenzy (Photo)


Incumbent Nairobi Senator, Mike Sonko, has been a hot topic lately. Many believed the Senator would be locked out of the Jubilee nominations ahead of the Friday, March 17 deadline set by the party for candidates to present their papers.

Well defying the odds, Sonko is back on the race for the Nairobi gubernatorial seat, after he managed to produce a certificate of good conduct, his K.C.S.E certificate among other key papers.

The politician took to Facebook to shame his adversaries.

“Thanks be to God. I just got my Certificate of Good Conduct this evening. The devil shall continue to be defeated in Jesus’ Mighty name. I want to tell my rivals within Jubillee Party that even the so called Kibaki handlers at the OP rejected President Uhuru but he still became the President of Kenya,” he wrote.

Well Kenyans got a glimpse of the Senator’s K.S.C.E certificate and their various reactions are hilarious. Here’s the K.S.C.E certificate;

Check various reactions out below;

Fred Kush; Wah, boss enyewe hesabu kwako ulikuwa unafungia midfield. All best wouldn’t imagine not having as our

Eva Wanjiru; ? ? ? ? kumbe watu wa Njembe githafu tuko wengi?am honored to share that grade with you muheshimiwa??

Richie Raul; Hahahahhahahahahahahaha kumbe getting A in mathematics sio life…..am encouraged

Sammy Sammy; E for elections…….

Everlyne Akasha; Sasa Wewe Sonko na hiyo E yako kwa hesabu, can you really be accountable on the checks and balances
within the county level as a gavernor?. Secondly i see this grade of yours should have been a D+. How you got a C- is still a question

Some Kenyans were very much impressed by Sonko;

Mohamed Basheer Abdul Khadar; umebarikiwa ndugu. God blessings are upon you. ill vote for you coz your a very honest leader. many would have edited the maths but hupendi uongo

Laban Javan Muturi Maina; Honesty will take you far Mr. Sonko despite the grades you have put everything in light. That takes courage man especially for a politician

Ronald Chepsergon; Sonko this is very encouraging that on t getting good grades like B+ sio mwisho wa maisha, the effort you put to make you successful is what matters Congratulation.

The came the doubting Thomas;

Job Mayaka; I can’t believe how gullible Kenyans are. This is a fake. If you have a Form 4 certificate then you know the chronology of the subjects as they appear in your certificate. It is always English, Kiswahili, Maths, then sciences. There is no centre of examination in the certificate, so cannot be traced to any school.The claim that Sonko did not complete his secondary school could be true

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