SPS8 Eastside Challenge : Kiambiu Youth Beats Lucky Summer In Post Match Penalties


The showdown between Lucky Summer & Kiambiu Youth began in the cold noon kick off in City Stadium for the Sportpesa Super Eight Challenge 2015 with each team playing to their tactical setup, Kiambiu playing short diamond passes while Lucky playing long balls to the strikers.

Kiambiu had the lion’s share of the possession from the onset, having more chances on goal & set pieces as well. Their travelling crowd was acting as their twelfth man with plenty of chants & sing-alongs as their team tore Lucky’s midfield with pin-point passing & incisive through balls.

It didn’t take long for a goal to come for Kiambiu Youth through jersey number 4! A carefully placed free-kick into the box met Collins Omondi, who calmly placed the ball at the back of the net with his left foot. The crowd goes wild with Kiambiu Divas Cheering Squad leading the chants.

Having placed many players to high-pressing football, a long ball by Lucky Summer defense eventually met its mark in the box, but nerves got better of the striker even though he was totally unmarked & shot over the bar. Half-time score was One: Nil to the good for Kiambiu Youth, who were clear favourites to win the match.

Second-Half picked up from where it left off with both teams maintaining their tactical approach. Midfield battles aplenty leading to tackles & yellow cards for both teams.

One long ball into the Kiambiu Youth box led to confusion in defense & one reckless tackle on Lucky’s striker forced the referee to blow his whistle for a penalty.
Daniel Omondi steps up and converts the penalty leveling the scores to One All! Game on!
Kiambiu Divas Cheering Squad were still in high pitch even after losing their lead adding to the competitive atmosphere in the stadium.
As the game wore on, both teams, being rallied by their fans, became more competitive leading to more challenges flying from both teams keeping the referee very busy indeed with plenty of yellow cards.
The atmosphere got so competitive that both cheerleading camps try to outdo each other as they rally their teams on.

Full-Time and nothing could separate both of the teams come the full whistle, paving the way to Penalty Shootouts.

What a way to end the match! Both camps playing mind games to get the edge over each other.

Ultimately, Kiambiu Youth had the better over their rivals winning the battle of nerves with 7:6 Post-Match Penalty Shootout win.

Congratulations to Kiambiu Youth for winning the quarter final Sportpesa Super Eight Football Challenge 2015.

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