Sports Fairytale: Lionel Messi To Meet 5 Year Old Boy Pictured In A Plastic Bag Jersey Resembling His


A five-year-old Afghan boy has become an Internet star after pictures went viral of him wearing an Argentina soccer jersey made out of a plastic bag, complete with his hero Lionel Messi’s name.

Murtaza Ahmadi has never met his idol and lives in a Taliban-controlled area of Afghanistan, but footage and photos of him wearing the improvised shirt, with Messi’s named scrawled in marker pen, went round the world.


His touching photos seem to have struck a chord in the football circles, and fans across the world. Apparently football star, Lionel Messi has since been in communication with the Afghanistan Football Federation (AFF) to set up a meeting in which he is to gift the young boy, his biggest fan, a proper jersey.

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