Sportpesa Unveils The Two Lucky Individuals Who Bagged The 10.9 Million Shilling Jackpot


Whoever said ‘Big Rewards’ come with ‘Big Investments’ was quite right! However, that notion was put into contention this past weekend when 2 persons placed their bets on the SportPesa Jackpot worth Kshs. 10,914,659/= with only a mere Kshs. 400/= combined! Yes, that’s right, combined!
This is the very first time the SportPesa Jackpot is being won by more than one person! So what happens then? The Jackpot is shared amongst the winners hence each will carry home Kshs. 5,457,329/=

The first Jackpot winner, Nicholas Wafula had placed only 3 bets worth a total of Kshs. 300/=

The second winner, Isaac Kimonge placed only 1 bet worth Kshs. 100/= & got it right! Unbelievable!
Also as a routine, there’s also SportPesa Jackpot Bonus for those who gave it a shot but fell short of getting all 13 Games correct, which this time were awarded in this amounts:

It’s truly remarkable that ‘Big Rewards’ can also, debatably, come through ‘Small Investments’!

Congratulations to Isaac Kimonge and Nicholas Wafula as they join the elite group of persons, who, in all their endeavors, have walked the Road of Winners!
So, will it be YOU who SportPesa will unveil as their new winner next week? There’s only ONE way that can happen! Play for the Jackpot today standing at Kshs. 5,000,000/=

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