Sportpesa Jackpot Hits a Record 200 Million Shillings!

Why you should play the Sportpesa Jackpot

In the last few months, Sportpesa has paid jackpot winners crazy amounts of money with the highest being 36 million shillings – for getting 16 out of 17 games correctly. However, that is just the jackpot bonus, for almost winning the jackpot. The mega jackpot has hit a record 200 million – actually, Kshs. 200,542,550 which is slightly over two million dollars!

This is the highest jackpot ever in the country and it means that whoever wins it will have made history.

To win the jackpot, one needs to do a 3 way prediction (Home win, Draw or Away win) of 17 football games, usually picked from different leagues. There are also various bonuses for anyone who gets 13, 14, 15 and 16 games correctly. Just last week, a 21 year old girl won over 31 million shillings after predicting 16 out of 17 games correctly. Each jackpot bet costs 100 shillings.

With the jackpot hitting a record high amount, it is bound to get increased attention and maybe soon someone might just win the 200 million shillings.

The other smaller jackpot (13 game prediction) is also at a record high of 59,352,427 shillings. The jackpot keep growing after each week that it is not won.

To play the sportpesa jackpot, head to the Sportpesa website or sign up by sendingthe word GAME via SMS to 79079.

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