Socialite Pendo Embarrassed Badly On Twitter For Defaulting Payment For Sex Toy


Popular socialite and video vixen, Stacy Pendo, is the talk of town after being exposed badly on Twitter for defaulting payment on a sex toy. Her angry supplier, Beverly Munga, posted on Twitter;

“Been selling #Vibrators for 4 years now. Awesome clients but this ONE in particular has refused to pay me. Just coz she’s a “celeb” Nitoboe?”

Curious Kenyans on Twitter immediately begun urging the supplier to unveil her famous defaulter. And their wish was granted.

“Everyone should call her. Don’t f***** mess with me, or my hustle! Busy orgasmimg with a toy you’re yet to pay for. #RespectMyHustle” the angry supplier wrote revealing Stacy Pendo’s number to public.

Well the Internet as expected immediately begun poking fun into the socialite’s predicament;

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